Create Your Own Minilogue Preset Bank

First off I’d like to say: Korg, I love you, but you could have been better to all the nice folks who shelled out $500 for your Minilogue 4-voice analog synthesizer. Not only have you not created an easy way for users to create their own shareable preset banks–ones that look professional and will show up in the Preset Data window of your Minilogue librarian, you also have yet to make available to us the SysEx dump format so independent developers could create a fully featured Editor which would allow users to edit sequence data, etc., from the comfort a of a computer screen.

I’ve attempted to contact Korg to get the SysEx format every way I can think of, including Twitter and email. I even sent a tweet to Tatsuya Takahashi in the hope of maybe getting some traction, but with no luck. I don’t blame Tats at all–he’s a busy guy doing amazing work, and he may not be authorized to make the Minilogue’s SysEx implementation available even if he wanted to.

The more immediate disappointment was that the minilogue Sound Librarian doesn’t give users any way to create their own professional-style sets such as the UK Producer Set available from Korg’s website. But I figured out how to do this. It’s not terribly difficult.

  1. Save your presets using File > Save. This will create a bank with the format bank.mnlglib.

  2. It turns out that bank.mnlglib is just a zip file with a couple of files for each preset and some metadata in XML format. Unzip bank.mnlglib.

  3. Use your favorite text editor to create a file called PresetInformation.xml and populate it with the information for your bank. Here’s the PresetInformation.xml file that is in the UK Producer Set file (replace their information with your own):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <DataID>UK Producer Set</DataID>
      <Name>UK Producer Set</Name>
      <Author>KORG UK</Author>
      <Copyright>KORG Inc.</Copyright>
  4. Your Minilogue bank folder has a file we don’t really need called FavoriteData.fav_data. I haven’t tested to see if this file does anything detrimental, but better safe than sorry.

  5. Create a new .zip file, which has all the original files plus the PresetInformation.xml file you created. Rename the .zip part of the file to .mnlgpreset and import it into the librarian just as you would any of the other banks on Korg’s website (all two of them at the moment).

Have fun!